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Living Trust Agreement Kit

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Avoid probate with a Living Trust Agreement! The Wall Street Journal says, "The advantages of living trusts over wills are considerable. The process is much quicker, cheaper and more private than settling a will and it may save on estate taxes. The revocable living trust is growing in popularity." This kit contains everything you need to create your Living Trust! Optional CD software disk included, so you can prepare the forms right on your computer.

Do-it-Yourself Revocable Living Trust Agreement Kit

The Los Angeles Times states, "The biggest advantage of a living trust is that it helps avoid the probate process and the sometimes expensive fees. The transfer of assets is much quicker; you don't have to wait the several months or even years that it can take for the court to approve the transfer."

What does this kit contain?

This kit has been written and designed so any person in any state can successfully prepare their own living trust. You don't need an attorney to prepare your own legal, iron-clad living trust.

The kit includes several different living trust agreement forms to cover any situation. Whether you're single, married, widowed, with or without children, this kit will suit your needs. Simply follow the instructions and fill in the blanks on the appropriate forms.

What are some advantages of using a Living Trust instead of a Will?

* avoidance of probate * avoidance of administrative fees and expenses
* avoidance of excessive legal fees in probate * avoidance of unnecessary delays
* avoiding statutory restrictions on bequests of property * avoiding publicity of probate matters
* management uninterrupted by incapacity of grantor * avoiding will contests
* tax savings in some situations * property management
* assurance of uninterrupted income * access to principal for family beneficiaries
* and many more!

Complete Kit: Forms & instructions with optional CD software disk

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